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The Roaring River Bed and Breakfast

46715 SE 129th Street
North Bend, WA   98045
t. (425) 888-4834

Area Restaurants

Woodman Lodge

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The restoration of the Woodman Lodge stands as a tribute to the spirit and determination of our forefathers, those Pioneers who dared to dream against great odds. These were our Parents and Grandparents, who lived with honor and took the chances that paved the way for the freedom and luxury we enjoy today.
This is Modern Woodman of America Camp 8630. The members were the men and women of the Snoqualmie Valley. They were tough, hard working pioneers who performed the dangerous jobs of harvesting timber, mining coal, building power plants and bringing the railroad over the Cascade mountain range to Snoqualmie, and then Seattle. Prior to the existence of Medical or Life insurance, fraternal organizations like the Modern Woodman of America were created as a means of social and community structure. The motto of the society was "per autre vie," meaning "for the life of another."

Gian Franco

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Gianfranco is a family run Italian restaurant located a mile east of Snoqualmie Falls on Railroad Avenue in Snoqualmie, Washington. Owned by head chef Joe Dollente, Leanne Dillon, Brian Dillon, Kevin Dillon and Katie Dillon, a family passionate about good food, good wine, and sharing these things to make amazing memories. We specialize in Southern Italian cuisine and use seasonal, local flavors to create delicious meals. Come in and join us for a great meal and wonderful company.

North Bend Bar & Grill

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Since 1998 we have been proud to serve big comfortable food with great beverages in an inviting and warm environment. Outdoor enthusiasts and local patrons alike enjoy sitting in front of our fireplaces, watching sports, and hanging out with friends. We hope you will join us. 

So please enjoy our website. Check out our menus and gallery so you can get a feel for our restaurant and hit the links page to check out the surrounding areas recreational opportunities.

Iron Duck Public House

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The Iron Duck is for everyone — people who live nearby, travelers, those here to work, and those here to play. This means The Iron Duck is for you.
Are you in the area enjoying a great adventure like hiking, biking, skiing, or camping? Add The Iron Duck to your list — it’s definitely a place you don’t want to miss while on your trip. So much better than chain restaurants — good food, good fun, and you’ll leave with a much better story.

Il Paesano Ristorante Italiano

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Located in downtown North Bend, Il Paesano Ristorante will bring more than just Italian food to the table. Chef Gianfranco Bafaro is back!